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During Alexander’s experimentation to discover how to inhibit the habit patterns that were affecting his performance as an actor, he came across a number of concepts that have wide applicability and that have become the basis of his Technique. They are the “Use of the Self” — how you use yourself in each moment matters, “Unity of Self” — we are unified organisms and are reactions are psychophysical, with no clear distinction between phsyical and mental, and “Unreliability of Sensory Appreciation” — what we feel is not always a reliable guide to what we are actually doing.

Concept - Use of the self

Use of the self

A central tenet of the Alexander Technique is “use determines function.” In other words, the way in which we use our psycho-physical organism in the activities of life has a profound...

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Concept - Unreliability of Sensory Appreciation

Unreliability of Sensory Appreciation

Faulty Sensory Appreciation, or the inaccuracy of one’s judgment of what one is doing...

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Concept - Unity of Self

Unity of Self

Sometimes the stuff that’s going on in your body can dramatically influence what goes on in your brain. Sometimes what’s going on in your head will affect every single outpost in your body...

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