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“Directing” is one of the core practices of the Alexander Technique. Directing refers to the signals that we send to ourselves to shape our response as a whole and improve our coordination (motor control). The basic idea is simple: say what you want to happen. For example, tell yourself “be lighter” at piano, and you become lighter at the piano. But directing in the Alexander Technique is a much more systematic way of projecting messages, and is a subtle skill that you will develop with lessons. The changes that are brought about by “directing” have been validated with a scientific study by Rajal Cohen at the University of Idaho.

Basically, “directing” means the signals that we send to ourselves to change our reaction and our motor control. If you form a clear idea of “UP”, then, without performing any muscular act, you are actually changing how you coordinate. If you are feeling “down”, on the other hand, then that thought also changes how you carry out every act in the day, for the worse. In the Alexander Technique, we start with inhibition to disengage or “turn off” old habit patterns, and then use directing — special spatial and relational thinking — to prime ourselves for new patterns. Come back here for a new article on new patterns soon!

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