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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn AT?

By taking lessons with a competent teacher, taking time to practice what you learn in lessons, gradually applying what you learn to your daily activities and interactions, and reading.

Why can't I learn on my own?

Theoretically you can — Alexander did, after all. But it would require rigorous study of Alexander’s books, hours of practice per day, and years of dedication to learning to carry out actions without over-reliance on your idea of the “right way” to do it — which is the wrong way. These are the challenges that Alexander overcame, and his living legacy is the pool of certified teachers who are able to assist and expedite the process that he went through himself.

Why doesn't the site describe how to ``do`` the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a very different way of thinking in activity. It is difficult to carry out an action differently than you are used to, because we move based on what feels right, but what feels right is actually what our habits dictate. There are two ways to do something different:

  1. Think differently, and
  2. Be guided by a teacher to perform an action with an unwonted coordination.

Because the thinking component is more important than the actions carried out in a lesson, there is no use showing pictures or a video of a person doing an activity.
This will make sense when you have had a lesson or two.

Why don't you offer group or Skype lessons?

Learning the Alexander Technique involve getting constant manual guidance and feedback from a teacher. In groups, the amount of manual guidance and feedback is divided among the group members, which makes it less than ideal, and over the Internet, there is not manual guidance or feedback possible! Why not get a massage online while you’re at it ūüėČ

How many lessons do I need?

An introductory course is six lessons, a basic course is 12, and a full course is 24 lessons, preferably taken at least twice per week. After a first set of lessons, you will understand the process of taking lessons and can consult with your teacher about meeting your goals.

How can I learn to be a teacher?

The historical standard for training courses is 1600 hours. This standard is upheld by STAT and its American sister organization, AmSAT.

For teacher training in Portland, Oregon, click here.
For teacher training elsewhere, click here.

Please enjoy reading about the Alexander Technique on our website! Feel free to contact us for more information or to try out a lesson with an AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher today.