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AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique Teacher

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Hi, my name is Russell, I grew up in Portland, Oregon, but went to Germany to study Cognitive Science and AI (B.Sc.) at the University of Osnabruck before becoming a professional translator (M.A. at Monterey Institute). During grad school, I suffered from tendinitis, so trained to become an Alexander Technique teacher to improve my use to help me shake the tendinitis permanently and learn to take care of myself better.

I was privileged to train on three different training courses – with Sumi Komo in Austin, Texas, with Fumie Hosoi in Tokyo, Japan (my main translation language is Japanese), and finally with Rebecca Robbins at OCAT in Portland Oregon.

Since completing my 1600 hours and graduating from OCAT, I have been teaching the Alexander Technique while translating on the side, and I even worked at Oregon Health and Science University as a research assistant in the Balance Disorders Lab for a year to learn more about the scientific methods that have been used to study the Alexander Technique and motor control in general. I was very encouraged to find the Alexander Technique highly regarded and well known among motor control scientists!

I have continued to take classes with Rebecca Robbins and occasionally assist on her training course, and to read Alexander’s books and other books on Alexander Technique, neuroscience and Ancient and Modern Greek (another story…), and I saw the need to spread quality information about the Alexander Technique to spread the word and encourage collaboration between qualified teachers of the Alexander Technique and the research and corporate world, so have begun a new journey by founding a modest not-for-profit organization, ATFA.
Feel free to contact me for lessons or questions about potential project collaborations.

Russell Scheinberg

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