What is the Alexander Technique?

It is a way to organize how you respond to the world

How you react to your surroundings has a huge effect on your health and stress and competence.

Do you feel stressed during the day? Do you have recurring back or neck pain? Do you want to improve your efficiency and performance in running, singing, playing piano or another activity? Did you know all these things are closely connected to your muscular coordination and your habit patterns?

It is easy to fall into automaticity or “autopilot”, but learning to increase your conscious control by practicing the Alexander Technique can help you learn to react better, reduce muscular tension and stress, and improve balance, performance and learning.

Alexander Technique is a great preventative practice, and has also been shown to reduce back and neck pain. It is a technique for young and old, and has been used for over a century by musicians, actors, dancers, officers, politicians and philosophers.

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Why Learn The Alexander Technique?

The Short Answer

The Alexander Technique is a method to refrain from doing our old, automatic, habitual reactions.

Benefits of AT

The Alexander Technique is a form of self-care. Taking care of yourself and using yourself better can improve your functioning and give better results.


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